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Police Clearance From Saudi Arabia

A. What is Saudi Police Clearance Certificate?

If you lived legally in Saudi Arabia, then moved to Canada, you may be asked to provide a police clearance from Saudi Arabia, for various motives, such as applying for employment, immigration, or other reasons. The embassy of Saudi Arabia does not assist with this service. Visaenterprise is proud to be the first company to provide a police clearance certificate from KSA. Our legal experts in Canada and our representatives in Saudi Arabia have been helping thousands of individuals in Canada to obtain Saudi Police Clearance Certificate from KSA.

B. How does the Saudi Police Clearance Certificate look like?
The Saudi Police Clearance Certificate is not a document that is generated by Saudi authorities. The certificate is first a finger print issued by RCMP to the applicant who must be already located in Canada. After which, Global Affairs Canada will stamp on the certificate, then the Saudi embassy in Ottawa will authenticate the document. The final document will have a stamp from the Saudi police authorities and a signature stating that the applicant has "No Criminal Record.”.

C. Saudi Police Clearance Certificate processing time:
The process to obtain a KSA Police Clearance Certificate includes multiple phases (authentication, attestation and legalization process in Canada and KSA then back to Canada). This will result in a long processing time; however, under normal circumstances, the process takes around 20 business days. If you send your request close to the holiday season in Canada or KSA, the authentication process can take longer. We do understand the time sensitivity issue for the applicant and we try to accommodate the request by minimizing the total processing time to be as shortest as it can be. We offer the a regular and a rush service.

D. Saudi Police Clearance Certificate fees
The cost to obtain a Saudi Police Clearance Certificate include the all fees absorbed during the various steps of authentication and attestations in Canada and KSA as well as the cost of international and local courier shipments. Please check "Police clearance payment form” below for a breakdown of the charges.

E. What are the requirements to obtain Saudi Police Clearance Certificate from Canada?
Below are the requirements and the forms you need to submit in order to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from KSA.


Please submit:

  • 1
    An Original fingerprint form for ten fingers issued by the R.C.M.P or Canadian providing fingerprint services company that accredited by RCMP, with Original stamp by a notary public or a commissioner of oath.
  • 2
    Copy of all documents proving applicant's legal residency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (copy of iqama, visa, employment document, letters of release, passport etc…)
  • 3
    Official letter from a Canadian agency within Canada requesting the Saudi Arabian Police Clearance Certificate.
  • 4
    Proof of applicant's residency/status in Canada (copy of passport & visa in Canada).


Adobe PDF Reader is required to view the following forms.
Application Forms ( Click below to download )
A. Police clearance payment form
B. Power of attorney cover letter
C. Power of attorney form

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