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Residence Visa

The Residence Visa is granted by the Angolan diplomatic and consular missions to the foreign citizen who intends to establish residence in national territory.

The residence visa must be used period of 60 days after its concession and allows the holder to stay in Angolan territory for a period of 120 days, extendable for equal periods, until the final a decision of the application for residence permit.

The residence visa qualifies its holder to the exercise any paid activity.

Requirements to obtain a residence visa:

1. Hold a passport with valid for at least nine (9)months;
2. The travel document mentioned above must be the valid and recognized travel document for the Angolan territory;
3. Color copy of the main pages of the travel document, as well as copies of the pages containing visas;
4. Hold a passport and be of legal age or in the case of being a minor, have express authorization from the parents, legal representative or the one that has the paternal power. The underage foreign citizen, when not in the company of the parents, can only enter national territory with a written authorization with the signature of the parents or of the one with the parental authority, recognized by the competent authorities. In the cases when entry in national territory is denied to the person to whom the minor has been trusted, this measure is extended, equally, to the minor and vice versa.
5. Two application forms properly filled and equal number of photos;
6. The holder of the passport must have fulfilled all the sanitary dispositions established by the Ministry of Health to enter the Angolan territory (International Vaccination Card with vaccines up to date);
7. Declaration of compromise to respect and to fulfill the Angolan laws by applicant;
8. It is mandatory that the applicant presents the itinerary to the destination country (Angola);
9. Proof of means subsistence and lodging conditions;
10. Confirmation of the intended purposes with the residence permit;
11. Proof of family relation with national citizen or foreign citizens legally residing in the country, through declaration signed by them;
12. Fingerprints issued by the authorities of the country of usual residence and translated into Portuguese with stamp of the notary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Canada ;
13. Complete Medical Certificate issued by the sanitary authorities of the country of usual residence;
14. Sponsorship letter of the person providing accommodation or proof of property or lease of residence;

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