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Hajj & Umrah Requirements

• This visa is intended to allow applicant to travel to Al-Hejaz area (Such as Jeddah, Makkah and Madinah).
• Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or holding a Canadian permanent residence card only (If applicant holds multiple nationalities, he/she must apply with Canadian passport).

Please submit:

• An original and a copy of the applicant's passport. It must also be valid for at least six months from the application date and include the place of birth and two side by side blank pages.
• Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters), please see "Form B" below.
• Two recent (No older than a month) photographs (4x6 cm) on a plain white background.
• Non-Canadian applicants must submit a clear copy of their valid residency permit (Permanent resident card). (Send only copy of front and back of the PR card)
• CONFIRMED / Booking ticket reservations must be signed and dated by the applicant. Any change to the ticket reservation must also be signed by the applicant (Visaenterprise’s Flight Center can assist you search for best deals on tickets).
• A stamped Immunization Card showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine) for adults. The vaccine is valid for a period of 5 years. Meningitis and POLIO record for children under 15 years old.
• Ladies and children need proper proof of relationship (Marriage certificate for married couples, birth certificates for children must indicate names of both parents).
• Mahram must be at least 16 years of age.

Special Requirements:

1. Applicants who have reverted/converted to Islam must submit a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam.

2. For women travelling in group of three or more (Usbat Nesaa), the following is required:

A. Married women:
• She has to be at least 45 years old.
• A permission letter from the husband signed and stamped by a notary.
• A copy of husband’s ID showing signature (passport or driver license).

B. Single, divorced or widow women:
• She has to be at least 45 years old.
• A letter from legal mahram signed and stamped by a notary.
• A copy of mahram’s ID showing signature (passport or driver license).

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