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Umrah Visa Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia allows pilgrims to visit any city during their Umrah visit, click to learn more.

Makkah - Madinah high-speed train service now available!


Welcome to The Canada’s first authorized company for Saudi Arabian visa service

Easy-Accurate-Fast KSA Visa process

The only Umrah visa company licensed by the Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Embassy, IATA and TICO, located in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Our main office is neighboring KSA embassy, Ottawa, Canada.


Before setting out on the wonderful journey of Umrah, it is significant to be equipped with knowledge about Umrah and history of the holy destinations that you are about to experience, so that you can make the most of this fortunate occasion.

Why Visaenterprise is Saudi Arabia's first choice for processing your Umrah visa:

• Ottawa's only licensed Umrah firm
• Neighboring KSA embassy and fastest processing time
• Specialized professional team in Umrah tours
• Quality and customization to suit your needs
• For individual, family, group or school Umrah trips
• Our Umrah service is restriction free

Please note that new Saudi government fees of $750 apply to anyone applying for Umrah visa with a passport showing a previous Umrah visa since November 2016 to additional to the basic Umrah application fee.

At this moment, we offer rush process (within 7 business days) and regular process (more than 7 business days).

Apply for 10 applications as a group and receive a discounted rate.

Important Umrah information

  • 1
    Our company provides Umrah visas, guided Umrah Packages and super Umrah visa. In order to assist you please read this page carefully.
  • 2
    This Super Umrah visa is intended to allow applicants travel for pilgrimage in Makkah and visiting Islamic holy sites in the Al-Hejaz area and additionally permitting visit to any city in Saudi Arabia for any of family, friend, touristic or business purposes within the month of the validity of the visa.
  • 3
    The Umrah visa is valid (you can use it to enter Jeddah or Madinah airports) within 30 days from the date of issue. However, in Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan it is valid for 15 days from the date of issue.
  • 4
    The validity of stay or the period of stay starts from the traveler's entry date to KSA and can be as maximum 30 days only. (Exceeding the Umrah validity of stay is an immigration violation and will result in serious legal action.
  • 5
    Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or holding a Canadian permanent residence card. (If applicant holds multiple nationalities, he/she must apply with Canadian passport).
  • 6
    Mahram must be at least 18 years of age.

Please submit:

  • 1
    An original applicant's passport. It must also be valid for at least six months from the application date and include the place of birth and two side by side blank pages.
  • 2
    Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters), please see "Form B" below.
  • 3
    One recent (No older than 6 months) photographs (4x6 cm) on a plain white background.
  • 4
    An Immunization Card / document showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine) for adults. The vaccine is valid for a period of 5 years. Meningitis and POLIO record for children under 15 years old.
  • 5
    Please note that the Saudi consulate in Ottawa would like to inform you that starting May 5, 2016, and for all types of visas that require a proof of relationship to the sponsor (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), such certificate:

    Birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), such certificate:
    • i.
      If the certificate is issued from of Canada, please submit one of the following only:
    • a. Submit the original with a copy for us and we will return the original.
    • b. Notarized by a Canadian notary public or a commission of oat, and Authenticated by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.
    • ii.
      If Birth and Marriage Certificate from outside Canada(not Saudi or any other arabic country)shoud be:
    • a. In English or translated to English or Arabic.
    • b. Notarized by a Canadian notary public or a commission of oat and Canadian Foreign affairs.
    • iii.
      If Birth and Marriage Certificate from Arabic Countries we will accept to see the original with a copy for us and we'll return the original or a copy stamped from their Embassies in Canada.
    • iv.
      If the document is a Saudi Birth or Marriage Certificates are accepted even if it is a copy.
  • 6
    Flight Itinerary / Booking ticket reservations (Please do not pay for you ticket till the visa is ready).
  • 7
    Accommodation, please provide one of the following:
    • a
      A Hotel reservations if you do not have a contact person in KSA.
    • b
      If you have a contact person in KSA (relative or friend lives in Hajaz Area), you may provide us with the following:
      • 1
        Copy of your contact person valid Igama( Saudi residency card).
      • 2
        You contact person phone number.
      • 3
        Place of work information including employer’s name and address.
  • 8
    Non-Canadian applicants must submit a clear copy of their valid residency permit (Permanent resident card). (Send only copy of front and back of the PR card).

Special Requirements:

  • 1
    Applicants who have reverted/converted to Islam must submit a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam.
  • 2
    For women travelling in group of three or more (Usbat Nesaa), the following is required:
    • A
      Married women:
      • i
        She has to be at least 47 years old.
      • ii
        A permission letter from the husband signed and stamped by a notary.
      • iii
        A copy of husband’s ID showing signature (passport or driver license).
    • B
      Single, divorced or widow women:
      • i
        She has to be at least 47 years old.
      • ii
        A letter from legal mahram signed and stamped by a notary.
      • iii
        A copy of mahram’s ID showing signature (passport or driver license).

May Allah acknowledge & accept your trip.


Winter Umrah December break
Umrah for December 22,2018 to January 04,2019 Package details coming soon contact us to reserve your seat.

March Break Umrah
Umrah throughout March break,2019 Package details coming soon contact us to reserve your seat.

1. Ramadan Umrah Pre-Registration Form



Adobe PDF Reader is required to view the following forms.
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B. Umrah Visa Application Form
C. Umrah Payment Form
D. Hajj and Umrah Notarized Muhram Form