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Russia Visa

By admin, Updated: Jul 31 at 5:43pm

Most travelers entering Russia require a Russian visa. All Canadian visitors to Russia must obtain a Russia visa before leaving Canada. Unlike some other countries where visas can be purchased upon arrival, your Russian visa application must be submitted to and approved by the Russian Consulate General or Embassy closest to where you live in Canada. It is important to plan ahead when traveling to Russia: a key part of your successful vacation or business trip to Russia starts with a smooth Russian visa application. Russia visas are of several types, and most Canadians enter Russia as tourists or business people (see the section below on tourist and business visas).

Types of visas to Russia

Russian tourist visa

The largest country in the world boasts some of the most exciting tourist destinations. If you have ever dreamed of crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway, or attending any number of artistic and cultural attractions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you will first need to obtain a Russia tourist visa. A Russia visa for tourism purposes requires a tourist voucher. A voucher basically confirms to the Russian Consulate General or Embassy where you will be staying in Russia and for how long. The voucher will include the name(s) of the hotel(s) where you will be staying and the precise dates of entry and exit. A Russian tourist visa is valid for up to 30 days, and you can stay in multiple destinations in Russia during the same trip. Visaenterprise can obtain this voucher quickly, easily, and at relatively little cost with your application for the Russia visa.

Russian business visa

With its abundant natural resources and increasingly attractive investment climate, Russia is a popular destination for Canadian business visitors. Russia and Canada are strengthening bilateral economic relations in a number of important business sectors. A Russia visa for business purposes also requires an official invitation from an authorized partner organization in Russia. Business visas can be for single, double, or multiple entries into Russia and can be valid for up to one year. Visaenterprise works directly with authorized partner organizations in Russia to obtain your business invitation. We can obtain this authorized invitation for you in as little as two business days and make your entry into Russia smooth and easy.

Russia visa for studying, working, or private visits

Canadians that intend on traveling to Russia for the purpose of studying, working, or to visit family or friends will often require a private invitation voucher. This type of invitation is issued directly from the party or organization in Russia and is presented at the Russian Consulate General with the rest of your documents when submitting the visa application. Some of these Russia visas – including visas to study or work in Russia – may require you to undergo medical exams ahead of submitting your application to the Russian Consulate General.

What happens when I get my Russia visa?

Think of your new Russia visa as a permission to enter Russia. It is very important to review your Russia visa as soon as your passport is returned to you. Are the dates of entry and exit correct? Does your name and date of birth on the visa match your passport information? Make sure to carefully review your visa and to discuss any concerns with a Visaenterprise consultant before leaving Canada for Russia – you will not be allowed to enter the country if there are any mistakes or errors on the visa.
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